Steak tartare

Steak tartare is a raw delicacy that is served as an appetizer full of rich and appetizing flavors. You will find it sitting on the menus of high-class restaurants, served in the most delectable ways. While many people hear ‘tartare’ and feel apprehensive about trying it, this dish is not only delicious, but completely safe to eat.


First off, when preparing raw meat, it needs to come from high-quality and premium beef. Raw meat can carry harmful bacteria, but if prepared correctly and carefully, it is completely safe. This dish is not meant to be duplicated at home, due to sanitation and preparation risks.


The meat is then hand chopped into tiny pieces of filet and ground together with a slew of other ingredients. Many restaurants have their own variations of steak tartare, but it generally consists of chopped or ground steak scattered with capers, flecks of onion and parsley and bound together with a raw egg yolk in the middle.

LB Steak offers their own Steak Tartare dish, served with a side of truffle aioli, toasted baguette, and a quail egg for a twist.


Once you dip the toasted baguette into a chunk of tartare and aioli, you will get the perfect combination of acid, salt, and fat. Don’t hesitate to try this flavorful dish next time you see it on the menu!