Think pork belly as, elevated bacon.

Pork belly is a boneless cut of fatty meat found in the belly of the pork. It’s got the same rich, salty flavor as bacon, but with an added tenderness. Bacon is most often made from pork belly.

While bacon is typically cured, smoked, and skinless pork belly is uncured, unsmoked, and has the skin on. This way, there are a myriad of flavor profiles you can experiment with cooking pork belly. It consists of three layers – the outside skin, the center fat, and the lower portion of pink-red meat.

Pork belly can be prepared in a variety of ways – braised, fried, crisped. Due to its natural fatty flavor, not much seasoning and sauce are necessary. Some people enjoy consuming it with the skin on, just the fat, or both.

The best way to prepare pork belly is to slowly cook the meat to render out the fat, while retaining a nice crisp on the outer layer. At LB Steak, we serve seared pork belly, maple-glazed with savory bread pudding and a sunny side up egg. You’ll get the nice sweetness from the maple glaze and savoriness from the bread pudding, all tied together with a runny egg.