Barman’s Choice

At LB Steak, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of classic cocktails, as well as our own unique creations and creative twists on traditional drinks. Along with this, we have a special part of our menu where we highlight certain drinks, oftentimes inspired by seasonal selections and rotating through a variety, that are specially chosen to be favorites by our bartenders. At LB Steak, these specialty drinks are known as “Barman’s Choice,” and today we will be showcasing them. However, behind all of the drinks served at LB Steak are our esteemed and dedicated Bartenders! So today, we would like to also highlight one specific bartender for the incredible passion that he delivers behind the bar every time—Santiago Gomez!


Santiago Gomez

Santiago was born in Columbia, which is located at the northern tip of South America, where he grew up and eventually received an engineering degree. However, beginning around the age of twelve, Santiago began periodically traveling to the United States, where he has now permanently resided for the past seven years.

Although Santiago received his degree for engineering, he claims that the food and beverage industry, as well as hospitality management, has always been a sincere interest of his. Much of this gravitation towards this industry he attributes to the same passions that led him to engineering—the desire to craft and create.

When it comes to bartending specifically, Santiago believes that it is a craft that truly allows him to create something unique and add his own personal touch. For Santiago, bartending and mixing drinks is a special and intricate process that allows the bartender to share their personality through their creation.

While Santiago intends to remain in the same industry over the next five years, he also hopes to be exploring the hospitality management side of the business more.

As a bartender at LB Steak, Santiago’s favorite drink to make is the Whiskey Sour, which is made with Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select, lemon, egg white, and port float. Together, Santiago believes this simple mixture produces an incredibly well-balanced drink. While the Whiskey Sour is Santiago’s personal favorite to make, his personal drink of choice is well aged spirits. Along with this, Santiago says the coolest drink is Redemption, which is made with hickory smoke.

Finally, of course any good profile of a bartender has to include whether or not they have seen the hit 1980’s classic Cocktail, which is a film about a business student in New York City who learns the professional trade of bartending. We here at LB Steak can proudly confirm that our very own Santiago has seen the film and enjoyed it, even though it might not have been his own personal inspiration to enter into the bartending world.


Current Barman’s Choice Selection

Right now at LB Steak, we have a great selection of cocktails featured under our Barman’s Choice. This includes:

Pomme’s Up – Made with Eau de vie Pomme, Bénédictine, Cointreau, and Lemon

Summer Heat – Made with Clase Azul Reposado, Jalapeno Agave, Charred Pineapple, and Lime

Sparkling Sangria – Made with Grey Goose La Poire, Elderflower, Prosecco, and Strawberry


All of these unique combinations were specifically chosen by our trusted bartenders and are guaranteed to please anyone looking for a new drink to try. Since this selection tends to rotate, you will want to make sure to stop by LB Steak soon to try these amazing cocktails for yourself!

We hope you enjoyed this short profile of Santiago Gomez, our incredible bartender; the LB Steak team is made up of amazing and dedicated people, and we are so grateful to have such a passionate and committed bartender such as Santiago as a part of that team.


Please stop by LB Steak today to meet our awesome team and Santiago Gomez himself! While you are here, enjoy one of our unique cocktail creations from the Barman’s Choice, or any one of our other delicious cocktails. We hope to see you soon!