Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef – A Cut Above

When it comes to offering top tier steaks, LB Steak raises the bar by offering a specialty meat considered to be “Beyond Prime”—Wagyu. The name “Wagyu” is meant to refer to all Japanese beef cattle, with “Wa” meaning Japan and “gyu” meaning cow. Raised using special techniques, Wagyu receives its extraordinary texture and delicious flavor from its “marbling,” which refers to the streaks of fat in the lean muscle of the meat. Due to how marbling affects the texture of Wagyu, each bite feels like it melts in your mouth. Along with the mouth-watering flavor of Wagyu, it is well-known for its invigorating aroma, produced by the rich resources of the natural environment where the cattle is raised.


Raising Techniques

In order to produce a beef as exquisite as Wagyu, specialty raising techniques are required. One of the most important factors when raising cattle to produce high quality beef is the stress levels of the cattle. Because of this, the living conditions in which cattle are raised for Wagyu beef are focused on maintaining the health and comfort of the cattle. By providing the cattle with high-grade rice plants, wheat, and hay, as well as guaranteeing that their sheds are clean and they have access to enough open space, not only are their needs met, but the cattle receive the highest quality of care and attention in order to ensure the best meat quality.


Different Types of Wagyu

The different types of Wagyu derive their names depending on the prefecture, or region, of Japan in which the cattle is raised. For example, three types of authentic Japanese Wagyu that are commonly referred to as “Japan’s top three Wagyu,” are Matsusaka Ushi, Kobe Beef, and Ohmi Beef. While each of these originally begin as Tajima Beef cattle born in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture, as they are taken by farmers in other regions and raised, they take on these other names depending on the region they go to and the conditions in which they are raised.


Matsusaka Ushi

Raised in Japan’s Mie prefecture, this Wagyu receives its name from the special conditions in which the cattle is raised. In order to qualify as Matsusaka Ushi Wagyu, the cattle is required to not have given birth. Along with this, these cattle are fed beer to increase their appetites, and experience special individual care, such as receiving massages. By using this special technique, the beef is produced with intense marbling and a mellow flavor that is noticeable in every bite.


Kobe Beef

With its popular name, Kobe beef is one of the most well-known Wagyus, specifically due to other countries importing the cattle and producing “Kobe-Style” beef. However, authentic Japan Wagyu originates in the Kobe City area of Japan’s Hyogo prefecture. Raised with a diet of rice plants, corn, and clean water, the meat from these cattle is popular because it delivers an extremely unique aroma, along with a rich sweetness. By having strict raising standards and an impeccable flavor, Kobe beef has become one of the most prized and sought after Wagyus.


Ohmi Beef

With one of the longest histories, Ohmi beef stands out as one of the ultimate sources of Wagyu in Japan. Raised in the Shiga prefecture, surrounded by a serene natural environment and deeply cared for by their producers, Ohmi beef is distinct because it is the only one to have fat with viscosity. The special fattening techniques used when raising this cattle produce a meat that has an incredible smooth texture and a powerful flavor.

LB Steak is proud serve Wagyu Beef in San Jose. We take our role in global stewardship seriously and embrace complete transparency in how we source our steaks, chops, poultry and seafood. We display our certificate of authenticity in our Meat Locker. Call Us Now to Reserve a Table and Experience Wagyu Beef in the heart of Silicon Valley.