Angus Beef at LB Steak

Angus Beef at LB Steak

At LB Steak, we offer the highest grades of beef available. Among these premium cuts of beef offered is the increasingly popular Angus Beef. In order to guarantee the highest quality Angus beef available, LB Steak makes sure to only use Certified Angus Beef brand. By only using Certified Angus Beef, LB Steak provides Angus Beef that qualifies under the Certified brand’s strict quality standards.

Angus beef is popular throughout the world because of the large amount of meat available and its distinct “marbling”—which refers to the streaks of fat in the lean muscle of the meat that give the beef its flavor and texture. As Angus beef has become more popular, its quality has been increasingly improving as quality standards have been set to certify which cuts of Angus beef are superior.


What is Angus Beef?

The name Angus beef does not in itself imply any standard of quality; instead, it simply refers to a type of cattle breed. Originally from Scotland, Angus cattle were bred with the intentions of maximizing the black hide of the cattle. Because of these attempts, the majority of black Angus cattle today are believed to have originated from these indigenous Scottish cattle. As these cattle were brought to America in the 1870s, the American Angus Association was created shortly after to guarantee quality standards of Angus beef. Over time, the advantages that accompanied raising Angus cattle, such as quick and easy growth, as well as balanced marbling and tenderness, led to it becoming one of the most popular beefs across the world, and the most consumed beef in the United States. In order to guarantee quality, improve awareness, and increase the price of Angus beef, the American Angus Association created a set of criteria to establish a Certified Angus Beef in 1987.


Quality Standards

Formed by cattle breeders, with a vision “To be the leading and most progressive, member-driven, consumer-focused beef organization in the world,” the American Angus Association began an organization to provide the best quality Angus beef to consumers. Under their oversight and leadership, their goals include:

  1. Achieve Angus Excellence Through Information
  2. Increase Beef Demand With Angus Equity
  3. Identify and Implement Relevant Technologies
  4. Optimize Resources
  5. Create Opportunities

Since the establishment of the Certified Angus Beef brand, consumers can be sure that the Angus beef they are receiving is guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality.

Even though the name Angus itself does not imply quality, when using Certified Angus Beef brand, you know you’ll be receiving high-quality Angus beef that has surpassed strict criteria. This strict criteria is a set of 10 requirements in order for Angus beef to qualify as Certified Angus Beef. These requirements include:

  1. Modest or High marbling
  2. Medium or Fine marbling texture
  3. In order to qualify as “A” maturity, which represents superior color, texture, and tenderness, the cattle must be harvested at an age younger than 30 months
  4. The cattle must have a 10 to 16 square inch ribeye area
  5. Less than 1050 pound hot carcass weight
  6. Less than 1 inch fat thickness
  7. Superior muscling
  8. Practically free of capillary ruptures
  9. No dark cutters
  10. No neck hump exceeding 2 inches

By meeting all of these standards, Certified Angus Beef is guaranteed to have the highest quality of marbling and maturity, consistent sizing, a gorgeous appearance, and supreme tenderness.

At LB Steak, we make sure that our Angus beef is sourced only from Certified Angus quality beef. From the classic burger, to our wide array of hand cut steaks, LB Steak raises the bar for the potential of flavor and tenderness from Certified Angus beef.

Come to LB Steak today to experience the superior quality of our Certified Angus Beef! With a superior selection and outstanding service, whether you choose the Tenderloin, the Filet Mignon or any other item on our Prime Angus Steaks menu, you are sure to find a cut that will satisfy your craving for quality Angus Beef Call us now to reserve a table and share an evening with us.