Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable Seafood

At LB Steak, we have partnered with multiple organizations in an effort to guarantee that the seafood we serve is always clean and sustainable. These organizations include Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, CleanFish, and the Marine Stewardship Council. Altogether, they help LB Steak maintain high quality standards for the seafood we serve, and ensure the seafood is sourced through environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

In order to show you how our partnership with these organizations helps us maintain our high standards for seafood, we will provide a little more information about each of these organizations, and the ways in which they ensure the quality and sustainability of seafood.


Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Under the sustainability standards of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, in order for a seafood source to be considered “sustainable,” the overall structure and function of the ecosystem must not be harmed during production. Along with this, the Seafood Watch standards consist of:

  1. Defined guiding principles or objectives
  2. Science-based performance criteria that are regularly revised based on the input from fishery and aquaculture experts
  3. A robust and objective scoring methodology that results in a transparent assessment of a fishery or aquaculture operation against the respective criteria

Along with their clear standards for fisheries and aquaculture, a main focus for Seafood Watch is to consistently revise their standards based on new scientific research and public input, in an attempt to recognize areas of improvement and address new concerns. This input is highly valued by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, as it guarantees that the most effective methods are used to sustainably fish or farm seafood.



CleanFish makes both the producer and consumer vital aspects in the creation of a sustainable seafood market. Through strict vetting processes, CleanFish finds producers that are focused on using ecologically-minded methods and regenerative practices, and are committed to values of animal husbandry and responsibility, as well as always adopting new technologies for cleaner production. Beyond this, CleanFish emphasizes the importance of chefs and consumers who value the quality and superior flavor of sustainably sourced seafood in creating the incentive for producers to adhere to high sustainability standards. Overall, by working with small, artisan producers, and enforcing strict sustainability standards that go above and beyond most other seafood sources, CleanFish ensures that their certified seafood is always clean and delicious.


Marine Stewardship Council

As an international non-profit organization, the Marine Stewardship Council’s main objective is to ensure the viability of our marine ecosystems, in order to secure an abundance of ocean life and seafood supplies for future generations. Through the Marine Stewardship Council’s special label and strict certification process, they connect conscious consumers with retailers and fisheries that are determined to only produce and supply seafood in a sustainable way. When determining if a seafood source meets their science-based standards, three general principles are considered:

  1. Sustainable Fish Stocks: Fisheries must ensure that their fishing does not disrupt the health and productivity of the fish populations.
  2. Minimising Environmental Impact: Fisheries have to practice fishing activity that ensures the ecosystem and other marine species are not harmed.
  3. Effective Fisheries Management: Fisheries need to follow relevant laws and regulations, as well as have the ability to change their practices in response to changing environmental circumstances.

Altogether, the Marine Stewardship Council’s guiding principles, along with their commitment to continual reassessment and revision of their standards, helps to maintain the health and longevity of marine ecosystems, as well as verify the quality of the seafood that bears their special label.


Our Commitment to Sustainable Seafood

Here at LB Steak, we consider the conservation of ocean ecosystems and wildlife as a top priority during the process of obtaining seafood; therefore, we make sure that all seafood we serve has been certified as sustainable by these organizations. Through these efforts, we also guarantee that our seafood is of top quality and flavor.  Come try the superiority of sustainable seafood at LB Steak!